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Why do death Row Prisoners Protest?

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Before Six




July 23 AZ Joseph Wood
Aug 6 TX Manuel Vasquez
Aug 6 MO Michael Worthington
Sep 10 TX Willie Trottie
Sep 17 TX Lisa Coleman
Sep 18 OH Ronald Phillips
Oct 7 TN Billy Irick

Watch Robert Will and Reginald Blanton conducting non-violent direct actions to protest against the Death Penalty and TDCJ's oppressive conditions inside Texas Death Row


July 24 Witnesses describe two hour ‘gasping’ execution of
Joseph Wood by the state of Arizona, the latest in a
series of botched executions using experimental
drugs of undisclosed origin.

July 23 Eight ex-judges support appeal of death row inmate
Rodney Reed

July 16 Innocent Texas Death Row Prisoner Rodney Reed
got a death warrant last July 14. Stand with him!

June 04 Photos from a Botched Lethal Injection. An exclusive
look at what happens when an execution goes badly

March 10 Todd Willingham's case: Evidence of Concealed
Jailhouse Deal Raises Questions About a Texas

March 5 A letter from Ray Jesper. Innocent man condemned
to die under Texas controversial Law of Parties

March 4 5th Circuit Denied Justice to Luis Castro Pérez

Feb. 4 Prison Guard Union Calls on Texas to Curtail Solitary
Confinement on Death Row. Read the letter HERE

Nov. 13 Petra de Jong's Open Letter to Gov. Rick Perry and
KPFT News interview with Gloria Rubac and Petra de
Jong explaining Jamie McCoskey's reasons to give up
his last appeals.

Nov. 11 Kenneth Foster has been transfered to Hughes Unit.
His new contact details are: Kenneth Foster
#1451768, Hughes Unit, Route 2, Box 4400,
Gatesville, TX 76597, USA.

Nov. 11 Death row survivors, families & activists march for
abolition By Gloria Rubac

Oct. 07 The 2% Death Penalty: How a Minority of Counties
Produce Most Death Cases

Aug 22 We need your help to Save the Life of Robert Garza!
Texas DR Prisoner convicted under the unjust Law of

June 17 The Abolition Movement bus will leave from the
S.H.A.P.E. Community Center at 2:00 pm on June
26th to protest the 500th execution in Texas. Bus
tickets are $10.00. E-mail Abolition.Movement to
reserve your seat now! We understand that a bus
will also be coming from the Peace Center in Dallas.
Woman will be 500th execution since Texas
resumed death penalty

April 17 Exoneree Detectives Fight For Those Still Behind

April 16 Execution Watch: Ronnie Paul Threadgill 4/16

April 8 Christoph Gielen Goes Up In The Air, Shares a Broad
Perspective On Solitary Confinement & 53 Mexicans Sit
on Death Row in U.S.

March 15 Maryland about to become the 18th state without
the death penalty.

Feb 08 Introduction of Kenneth Foster Jr. new documentary
"Daddy's Glass House" by Samantha Thornhill and
Derek Jones

Jan 16 NEW BOOK: Executing Democracy: Capital
Punishment & the Making of America.

Dec 14 Maryland's governor O'Malley reaffirmed his support
for death penalty repeal! Read the big news and
support the NCADP actions Here

Dec 13 Death Row Population at Its Lowest Since 1989

Dec 12 New animated short film "The Last 40 Miles". Check
out the trailer Here

Dec. 11 Could Manuel Velez be the 13th Prisoner Exonerated
from Texas’s Death Row?

Dec. 10 DRIVE comrade Christopher Young was moved to
Bexar County Adult Detention Center. Click here to
read the details about his new address.

Dec. 6 Cathy Henderson Granted New Trial. CCA gives Travis
County defendant a second chance

Nov. 29 Video: Werner Herzog meets Hank Skinner

Nov. 16 Statement from Attorney for Hank Skinner in
  Response to Initial DNA Test Results in Hank Skinner
  Case/ Texas Executed Ramón Hernández and
  Preston Hughes

Nov. 14 Execution Watch: Ramón Hernández and Nov. 15
  Preston Hughes.

Nov 8 Execution Watch: Mario Swain

Oct 31 Execution Watch: Donnie Lee Roberts

Oct 30 Tomorrow, October 31st, protest Rick Perry's 250th
  execution in Hoston, Texas!

Oct 29 13th Annual March to Abolish the Death Penalty &
  Death Penalty News 10/26/2012 (video)

Oct 26 Texas juries sent just six people to death row in FY
  2011  & Moving on From West Memphis: Freed from
  death row, Damien Echols reflects on where to go

Oct 25 Today "Make Communities Safer by Abolishing the
  Death Penalty" Online Conference 11 am Pacific, 2 pm
  Eastern & Willingham's Family Seeks "Posthumous

Oct 24 Execution Watch: Bobby Hines

Oct 21 Executed At 14: George Stinney’s Birthday Reminds
  Us That The Death Penalty Must End

Oct 19 Stay of Execution granted to Anthony Haynes 

Oct 10 Today, World Day Against the Death Penalty

Oct 8 USA: Clemency urged for Texas man facing execution
  for crime as teenager

Oct 4 Rodney Reed's appeal has been denied. Read what
  what you can do to help here.

Oct 2 DNA evidence exonerates 300th prisoner nationwide

Sep 28 Panel: There are countless other Troy Davises 
  BREAKING NEWS: Damon Thibodeaux exonerated 
  in Louisiana and freed from death row today.

Sep 27 Sarge Foster, Presente! By Gloria Rubac

Sep 26 Death row inmate, Preston Hughes, contests
  the lethal drug in Texas

Sep 25 Execution Watch: Cleve Foster. This is Texas' fourth
  attempt to put to death the former Army recruiter
  who has consistently claimed innocence of the murder
  for which he was condemned.

Sep 22 Troy Davis One Year Later: Execution Fuels National 
  Movement to Abolish Death Penalty

Sep 20 Execution Watch: Texas plans to execute Robert
  Harris today

Sep 19 With A number Of Texas Executions Scheduled, Does
  Capital Punishment Serve Its Purpose?

Sep 18 The Living Dead: HuffPost Live Talks To Exonerated
  Death Row Inmate Anthony Graves

Sep 2 Turns out THIS is who's eating your tax dollars (vid)

Aug 30 Texas Death Row's Health Crisis by Charles Chucky

Aug 29 Breaking News: Texas Death Row Inmate Anthony
  Pierce to Be Re-Sentenced to Life

Aug 28 Mumia flies change to life imprisonment sentence &
  The Living Death of Solitary Confinement

Aug 23 Court gives Balentine last-hour reprieve

Aug 22 Execution Watch: John Balentine & Last Meals On
  Death Row Given Out Of Guilt Or Goodwill? (VIDEO)

Aug 17 250th Execution Under Rick Perry is Set for
  Halloween, October 31, 2012

Aug 16 Judge Signals Intent to Rule Against Condemned

Aug 15 Supreme Court Outlawed Executing Mentally
  Retarded, But Texas Does It Anyway & Medical
  Examiner: Testimony Misconstrued in Rodney Reed

Aug 13 IACHR Calls on a Moratorium in the Application of the
  Death Penalty & Death-penalty cases waste a lot of
  taxpayers' money & The search for a humane way to

Aug 10 Petition to restore media access at SHU Pelican Bay
  & Death row off table in Texas Syndicate case & 
  Death Penalty By Country & Recent academic
  writing on actual innocence & Inquirer Editorial:
  Can't justify this execution

Aug 7 Execution Watch: No one disagrees that Marvin
  Wilson meets widely accepted criteria for mental
  retardation. No one disagrees the Supreme Court
  has declared unconstitutional the execution of people
  who are mentally retarded. But Texas plans to put
  Wilson to death Tuesday. Unless there's a stay,
  Execution Watch will broadcast.

Aug 6 Texas set to execute death row inmate diagnosed
  as 'mentally retarded'

July 19 Texas executes mentally impaired inmate with animal
  drugs & Saturday 21: Examining the California SAFE
  Act Featuring California death row prisoner Kevin

June 28 Supreme Court says states may not impose
  mandatory life sentences on juvenile murderers and
  its implications in Texas: SCOTUS ruling leaves 17
  year old capital murderers in sentencing limbo 

June 23 Video Interview: From Death Row to Exoneration:
  Fmr. Texas Prisoner Anthony Graves on Surviving
  Solitary Confinement & Rick Perry Could Reach 250
  Executions by End of 2012

June 21 An American Gulag: Descending into Madness at
  Supermax & Solitary confinement 'is driving men
  insane, exonerated convict testifies & An Innocent
  Man’s Tortured Days on Texas’s Death Row & Rodney 
  Reed: Another Innocent Man on Texas Death Row?

June 15 2 death row inmates win new punishment trials &
  Death Sentence Thrown Out in 2005 Murder Case

June 14 He did not walk to his own murder: Reg Blanton's
  last use of force & Celebrate Juneteenth Sat w/
  Abolition Movement

June 13 Both Sides in Skinner Case Ask Court for DNA Test &
  Video: Shift in public opinion over death penalty 

June 12 Texas Democratic Party Adopts Platform In Favor of
  Repealing the Death Penalty

June 8 DNA Testing Granted in Skinner's Case. It took more
  than a decade, but Skinner wins fight to test
  evidence & Death penalty debate: Yes or no on the
  SAFE California Act? & FDA Goes to Court to Secure
  Drugs for Lethal Injections 

May 30 Three Percent of US Executions Since 1900 Were
  Botched, Study Finds & Meet the Exonerated by
  David Protess & Missouri to switch from three-drug
  method to only one (propofol) & Cathy Lynn on
  Texas Death Row could get a new trial & Recent
  exonerations reducing the death penalties

May 15 Steven Staley Execution Halted by Texas Court of
  Criminal Appeals & Carlos De Luna Execution: Texas
  Put To Death An Innocent Man, Columbia University
  Team Says también en español: El falso Carlos, un
  ejecutado por error

May 13 Texas wants to drug mentally ill Steven Staley to
  execute him on Wednesday

May 11 Read HERE a copy of the pleading filed by Thomas
  Whitaker, Tony Ford, Christopher Wilkins, Willie
  Trottie and Jamie McCoskey against Rick Perry, the
  members of the Texas Board of Criminal Justice &
  Texas Death Row. Read HERE Thomas Whitaker
  blog motivating this action

May 5 Death Row Inmates Sue Texas Governor Rick Perry
  For Abusive Conditions

May 4 Anthony Bartee's execution halted & CCA heard
  arguments for Hank Skinner decade-old request for
  biological analysis of crime scene evidence: Texas
  grilled over Death Row inmate's decade-long push for
  DNA testing & Former death row inmate and author
  Kerry Max Cook Seeks Hearing on Murder Evidence

May 2 Execution Watch: Anthony Bartee excheduled to
  execution despite untested DNA evidence
  concerned by inmate’s shaking at execution

April 26 Appeals court lifts court order stopping ETX man's

April 25 Beunka Adamas won reprieve

April 24 The Texas Death Row Occupy Movement by Tony E.
  Ford & It seems California we'll be voting to repeal
  the death penalty this November

April 21 Major Protest and Civil Disobedience Planned at the
  U.S. Department of Justice: April 24, 2012, 11:00 am,
  Washington, DC  & Racial bias in the death penalty:
  A Case for Statistics and a Victory for Justice 

April 18 Court to rule if condemned Houston killer is sane &
    Rodriguez appeal to resume in June & The Dred
  Scott of Our Time. Also The Outer Limits of Solitary 
  Confinement video of the public forum held at UC
  Hastings College of the Law, in San Francisco on
  April 6, 2012
April 13 New Video for Robert Will 

April 12 Time to end death penalty in Texas by Bob Ray
  Sanders & Connecticut Votes to Replace the Death
  Penalty with Life in Solitary Confinement by James
  Ridgeway and Jean Casella

  Abu-Jamal & Prisonhouse of Nations-- How the
  Neoconservatives Made the USA the Biggest Jailer in
  History and What Can Be Done About It by Richard D.
  Vogel & Can Food Be Cruel and Unusual Punishment?
  by Adam Cohen & DNA and the Death Penalty

April 1 Death row inmate's effort to spare live gains
  momentum By Mike Tolson an article about Rob Will's

March 30 Prison system appears to have bought $50,000 in
  execution drug last year

March 29 TDCJ is reaching higer levels of absurdity while
  loosing lethal drug suppliers: Texas
  accuses anti-death penalty charity Reprieve of
   fomenting violence. A response to Texas' charge of
  'intimidation' against Reprieve. Amnesty Report on
  the death penalty: The US #5 in the global
  execution rank.

March 27 List of the 45 people killed with pentobarbital As of
  March 19, 2012 in the US

March 22 Martinez v. Ryan, Coments in: DP9, NMiss,
  Sentencing Law and Order, The Stand Down Texas
  Project, NO Martinez v. Ryan in Texas

March 12 Article about Rob Will in the New York Times "Appeal 
  of Death Row Case Is More Than a Matter of Guilt or 
  Innocence" by Brandi Grissom

Feb 01 New legal update for Rob Will

Jan 26 Motion Denied for Rob Will. His case is now facing the
  5th Circuit with NO lawyer.

Sep 24 Interview with Christopher Young by CEDP

July 27 58 Days to Live by Steven Woods

July 17 78 Days to Live: Death 101 and 63 Days to live by
  Steven Woods

June 27 85 Days to Live: Challenging the Protocol by Steven

June 23 89 Days to Live by Steven Woods

June 22 One Hundred days to live: a blog by Steven
  Woods now on the DRIVE site

June 16 News bout prison activist and DRIVE supporter
  Jerome Coffey, PA

June 14 The protest continues part 2 by Chris Young and
  Interview with Chris Young by Andy Canales

May 28 Refusing To Give In To Oppression and Changer les 
  conditions carcérales de l'extérieur by Rob Will
  Watch Angie Agapetus, Gloria Rubac, and Regina
  Guidry of the Abolition Movement talking about Texas 
  death row living conditions

May 27 Designing a Theater Of Resistance: Preliminary Steps
  new protest update by Rob Will

May 24 Changing Prison Conditions from the Outside by Rob
  Will "ISSUES TO BE ADDRESSED" Read the petitions
  made by death row prisoners to prison staff and
  know the reasons behind their protests. Stand in
  Solidarity with Death Row prisoners. Check our letter
  campaign in support DR prisoners.

May 19 Protest Update from March 21 to April 8, 2011 by
  Chris Young

April 30  Protest Update 2.25.11 by Rob Will and James

April 28 Why a Hunger Strike on Texas Death Row?
  A message for the Abolition Movement

April 22 The Protest Begins! By Chris Young, Solidarity Fast
  by Rob Will and 1-15-11 Update by Rob Will

April 11 The Abuse of Authority. The reason I haven't seen
  my moom in nearly two years by Chris Young

Feb 11 On the Records: Case Open, File Closed

Feb 10 Braking News: DRIVE comrade Robert Will will have a
  Court Hearing on March 30th, 2010. His support group
  needs urgent help. Find detailed information here 

Feb 03 A bittersweet Victory in Texas

Feb 02 Breaking News: Gabriel Gonzalez death sentence has
  been commuted to life WITH the possibility of parole!

Jan 28 Hank Skinner Open Case

Jan 26 Ms. Smith Evil, Continues by Rob Will

Jan 14 Death penalty changes spur optimism

Jan 13 Torture In Your Own Backyard

Jan 9 Texas Keeps Retarded Men on Death Row

Jan 4 Danielle Simpson's Execution Date by Robert Will

Jan 4 Group Gives Up Death Penalty Work

Jan 4 Do Executions Lower Homicide Rates?: The Views of
  Leading Criminologists 

Jan 4 The big bluff: Do prosecutors threaten death penalty to
  get guilty pleas?

Dec 27 A Tear and a Smile poem by Chris Young

Dec 21 DPIC "The Death Penalty in 2009: Year End Report"

Dec 21 Crazy Mike (Gerald Elderidge) by Robert Will

Dec 11 The cruelty of death row. In the US, murderers are
  executed -so it's odd that Americans think their justice 
  system is superior to all others

Dec 09 Video interview with Rob Will as a contributor of the
  book Upon this Chessboard of Nights and Days

Dec 05 Interview with Christopher Young by Ray Jasper

Dec 05 Battle of Opinions: What Is the Future of the Death

Dec 04 Texas executes low-IQ convicted killer

Dec 03 Inmate With Low I.Q. Nears Execution

Dec 02 Learn how the appeals system for capital cases works 
  (fails) in Texas An Interactive page created by Chuck
  Lindel & Roberto Villalpando

Dec 01 The Demise of the Death Penalty in the USA: The
  Politics of Capital Punishment and the Question of
  Innocence by Richard Vogel

Nov 29 Texas sends fewer to death row. Life without parole
  option cited among reasons for drop

Nov 27 Death row's condemned prisoners speak mostly of
  love - not regret

Nov 27 The Case of Bobby Woods

Nov 24 Organizing the fight against executions 

Nov 20 Texas man executed after clemency denied

Nov 20 Perry Rejects Clemency for Robert Lee Thompson

Nov 19 Texas Parole Board Urges Clemency For Death Row

Nov 19 Texas executes inmate who claimed time on death
  row was torture

Nov 19 Grits for Breakfast: ACLU: CCA ignored evidence of
  fals confession in capital case

Nov 18 Texas Death Row Inmate Gets Last Minute Reprieve

Nov 18 Texas death row inmate wins new punishment

Nov 17 Ohio Is First to Change to One Drug in Executions

Nov 16 Texans too quiet about their state’s broken justice

Nov 16 Texas death row man claims inmates' numbered days
  are form of torture

Nov 16 Grits for Breakfast -TDCJ on recording death row
  visits: Policy? What policy?

Nov 16 If You Hire an Attorney, You Won't be Sentenced to

Nov 16 Death sentences have dropped sharply after life
  without parole became possible -in Texas-

Nov 16 Column - Dave Atwood: Execution system unjust in

Nov 12 Court weighs Texas death row inmate's sanity claim

Nov 11 Cuban man executed for Houston slaying

Nov 09 Texas resists family's effort to clear executed man's

Nov 08 Black Homophobia by Rob Will

Nov 06 Ms. Smith's Apologists by Rob Will

Nov 05 US lawmaker pushes death penalty appeals overhaul

Nov 04 Reg was Executed Yesterday by Rob Will

Nov 04 The Execution of a Potentially Innocent Man Less
  Scandalous Than an Affair?

Nov 03 The Dark Lord Cheney: Destroyer of the Blues 
  (written 8-30-09) by Rob Will

Nov 03 Juan Melendez - Innocent, Exonerated Former Death
  Row Prisoner to Tour Texas Nov. 9-18

Nov 03 Death Man Talking BBC Interview with John
  Thompson exonerated after 14 years on Louisiana’s
  Death Row

Nov 02 Texas March Spotlights Executions by Laura Brady

Nov 02 3 Death Row Inmates lose at Supreme Court

Nov 01 A cleregyman's transsgration and a prisoner's
  treachery (writen 9-26-09) and Steve Moody poem 
  by Robert Will

Nov 01 Germany Pases a Resolution Demanding a New Trial
  for Mumia

Oct 29 Biblical Punishment for Khristian Oliver. Contact Board
  of Pardons & Parols and urge clemency for Khristian

Oct 29 Exonerated inmates protest Texas death penalty

Oct 28 Activists call for execution freeze. Protestors present
  death penalty moratorium petition to governor

Oct 27 Protest Texas plan to execute Reg Blanton! Tusday,
  October 27th,5.30 PM, Texas State Capitol

Oct 27 Reg Blanton's case on Democracy Now! Guests
  included Reg’s brother & Austin CEDP member Carter

Oct 25 Is Texas Going to Execute an Innocent man? Reggie
  Blanton May be put to death in Texas Tues Oct 27th

Oct 23 Abolish the death penalty today! Mark Clements on
  Reg Blanton's case

Oct 23 Solidarity Call for Reg by Rob Will

Oct 23 Death Row Inmates in Texas Tell Their Stories in
  New Book

Oct 23 New Message from Texas Moratorium Network

Oct 22 Cognitive Capability and the Death Penalty
  (written 28-08-09) by Rob Will

Oct 22 March against the death penalty

Oct 22 Ending death penalty could save US millions: study

Oct 21 Kenneth Mosley looses Supreme Court appeal

Oct 20 Medusa Lives!, The Most Perfidious Ms. Smith Strikes 
  Again & Medusa's Omen by Rob Will

Oct 20 Steve Moody Will Be Murdered In Three Days (written
  9-16-09) & Steve Moody’s Murder (written 9-13-09) 
  by Rob Will

Oct 19 Perry uses clemency sparingly on death row

Oct 19 Review death penalty law, ex-governor urges

Oct 18 Todd Willingham's Defense Lawyer Embarrasses Texas
  Justice System on National TV; Juror Has Doubts

Oct 18 Never Thought to Read (written: 8-8-09) by Rob Will

Oct 18 Another DNA Exoneration (written 8-14-09) by Rob Will

Oct 16 The Troy Davis Supreme Court Ruling (writen 8-22-09)
  by Rob Will

Oct 15 Texas Moratorium Network's message. Update on Tod
  Willingham and the 10th March to Abolish the Death

Oct 15 A Lifestyle of Action (written 8-3-09) by Rob Will

Oct 13 Message from Reg Blanton

Oct 13 Sonia Sotomayor (written 8/11-12/09) by Rob Will

Oct 12 Innocent Until Proven Dead Carter Pagel, a CEDP
  member documents the long list of injustices suffered
  by Reginald Blanton.

Oct 12 Department of Justice Condemns Harris County Jail 
  (written 8-19-09) by Rob Will

Oct 12 Perry's office quiet on expert's arson report

Oct 12 Europeans press the US to end the death penalty

Oct 11 Noise Pollution (written 8-6-09) by Rob Will

Oct 10 Statement for October 10th Rally in San Antonio, TX 
  by Reginald Blanton

Oct 10 EU says Texas, Nation Should End Executions

Oct 10 Relative Definition of Torture (written 8-15-09)
  by Rob Will

Oct 08 Smaller Than An Animal's Cage (written 7-23-09) by
  Rob Will

Oct 07 What is the Matter With Texas DAs? (Written 8-17-09)
  by Rob Will

Oct 07 Courts examine Ohio's lethal-injection procedures
  Governor issues 5-month reprieves

Oct 06 Reginald Blanton Received An Execution Date & Reg’s    
  Execution Date Only Two Months Away (Date written:
  7-24-09 and 8-25-09 respectively ) by Rob Will

Oct 06 Visit Robert Will's new blog Live from Death Row

Oct 03 Resolution asks Council to eliminate death penalty &
  Botched Executions

Oct 02 8.30.09 by Kenneth Foster

Oct 02 Shake-up in Texas execution probe draws criticism,

Oct 01 Perry Removes 3 From Wrongful Execution Panel

Sep 28 Watch Reginald Blanton's mother, Anna Terrell
  delivering a powerful plea for the life of her son at
  a rally at the Texas Capitol on Sept 26, 2009.

Sep 21 Statement for August 17th rally in San Antonio TX
  by Reg Blanton

Sep 21 8.30.09 Journal Update by Kenneth Foster

Sep 21 Governor Rick Perry defends execution of Corsicana
  man some experts say was innocent

Sep 21 Chronology of A Failed Execution

Sep 18 Ohio Inmate Traumatized after Failed Execution and
  Second-try Execution is 'cruel,' suit to say

Sep 16 Urge Gov. Perry to halt Reg Blanton's Execution

Sep 13 Urge Gov. Perry to Acknowledge that Todd Willingham   
  was Innocent

Sep 11 Another Reason to Abolish the Death Penalty from
  Worker's World

Sep 04 Ex-Texas death row inmate freed

Sep 02 Texas Justice: Where Wrongful Convictions are the
  norm by Desiree Evans

Aug 26 Interview with Reginald Blanton by Chris Young

Aug 16 My Brother Reginald Blanton by Chris Young

Aug 14 Join the 10th Annual March to Stop Executions! Open
  letter from Dalia Perez

Aug 13 "I'm tired of being imprisoned in a system that's
  devaluated, and struggling to survive under the cruel
  and unusual punishment of an unjust institution..." 

Aug 6 New Message from Reginald Blanton

Aug 5 Interview with Sandie and with Chris Young by
  Christopher Young

July 29 Death Salivates by Reg Blanton and Reginald Blanton
  and the Kangaroo Court by Dee

July 19 Austin's CEDP condemns the execution date recently
  given to Reginald Blanton


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