I’m a Man,
at least now.
Though in my eyes,
I have yet to reach its height.
I’m a Man nonetheless,
Because I aggressively attack
my ego
like an urban-guerilla
in camouflage fatigues,
hanging upside down from a tree,
waiting on it to make its way
around my corner.
Other times,
I lie in wait in the bushes
For the ambush.
“The change I seek
starts with self.”
So, I’m engaged in a revolution
A relentless,
loyal soldier.
A man.

There’s a coward
hiding from me,
in me,
my scope is looking for—
he’s not gon run no more!
No more wrapping itself in
complacent comforters.
No more
running from its humanity.
An utter coward,
scared to express Love,
his own essence,
the sustenance for creation.
But sometimes
the predator gets preyed upon;
and before I realize it,
I’m taking the coward’s way,
running from the light
into the dark crevices of my mind,
‘til I realize
I’m the one with the gun!
But I realize.
And that’s what makes me
A Man.

The other day,
A comrade asked me,
“do you need anything?”
I said, “a hug.”
Yet, it’s beyond that.
Though I’m a realist,
understanding the ramifications
of my confinement,
I can’t take the coward’s way.
I must say,
I need affection,
a woman’s caress, and
I want to be held,
with my waves rubbed
‘til I fall asleep.
Then, awaken,
sometimes held,
not always doing the holding.
Bottles of hot water
line my bunk,
like a woman,
between me and the frozen
keeping me warm at night.
Awakening to a frozen Warden and Major
who feel I should die
before the state takes my life.

Life is more than
merely breathing—
it’s feeling,
feeling in places never known,
with feelings never owned.

is why my captors
can’t get me to follow their “rules.”
I’m a Man.

World Day

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