• A call for World-wide Days of Action to Protest Texas' 500th Execution

    As of now, Texas' 500th execution in the modern era will take place on June 12.

    The Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement, the Texas Moratorium Network, Kids Against the Death Penalty and the Austin Chapter of Campaign to End the Death Penalty are issuing a call for World-wide Days of Action to Protest Texas' 500th Execution.

    Whether you hold a sign, write a letter, march, issue a press statement, rally, picket, sit in or hold a die-in, do something to protest this abhorrent Texas milestone. Take a photo of your action and e-mail it to [email protected] and we will put it on the web page of each organization as well as send copies to Gov. Rick Perry, members of the Texas legislature, the Texas Board of Criminal Justice and the Texas death row warden at the Polunsky Unit.

    We want endorsers for this call for a World-wide Day of Action to Protest Texas' 500th Execution. Can you or your organization add your name to endorse the call? Can you plan an action in your locale? Let us know.

    We encourage abolitionists in Houston to take off work or school and go to Huntsville on the day of the 500th execution. A bus will leave from the S.H.A.P.E. Center, 3815 Live Oak at 2:00 PM. $10 for the bus and $5 for seniors and students. The execution is at 6:00 PM.


    TX # Perry# Date Name TDCJ # DOB Race Date Rec’d County

    493 254 2/21 Carl

    Blue R.I.P. 999151 1/19/65 Black 6/14/95 Brazos

    494 255 4/9 Ricky Lewis R.I.P. 999097 7/2/62 Black 5/6/94 Smith

    495 256 4/16 Ronnie

    Threadgill RIP 999424 2/20/73 Black 7/22/02 Navarro

    496 257 4/25 Richard Cobb 999467 4/2/84 White 1/23/04 Cherokee

    497 258 5/7 Carroll Parr 999479 10/18/77 Black 6/4/04 McLennan

    498 259 5/15 Jefferey Williams 999350 12/16/75 Black 3/29/00 Harris

    499 260 5/21 Robert Pruett 999411 9/18/79 White 4/30/02 Bee

    500 261 6/12 Elroy Chester 999280 6/14/69 Black 8/26/98 Jefferson

    501 262 6/26 Kimberly McCarthy 999287 5/11/61 Black 12/7/98 Dallas

    502 263 7/10 Rigoberto Avila, Jr. 999391 8/5/72 Latino 7/19/01 El Paso

    503 264 7/16 John Quintanilla 999491 12/9/76 Latino 12/8/04 Victoria

    504 265 7/18 Vaughn Ross 999429 9/4/71 Black 10/1/02 Lubbock

    505 266 7/31 Douglas Feldman 999326 6/19/58 white 9/22/99 Dallas

    506 267 9/19 Robert Garza 999466 5/15/83 Latino 12/18/03 Hidalgo

    507 268 9/26 Arturo Diaz 999345 12/27/75 Latino 2/22/00 Hidalgo





    World-wide Protests Against Texas’ 500th

    execution, now set for Wednesday, June 12. The Abolition Movement will take a bus to

    Huntsville to protest the 500th execution. Bus will leave S.H.A.P.E.

    Center at 2:00 PM. $10 for the bus, $5 for seniors & students. Plan now to

    join us!



    The majority of people on death row are African American (40%) and Latino




    Twenty-two people on Texas death row are not U.S. citizens and were not given

    the right to see the consulate of their country as required under the Vienna

    Convention which is international law.

    CRUEL & UNUSUAL All of the 275 men on Texas

    death row live in solitary confinement 24/7. They are locked behind a solid

    steel door & leave their cells for showers, recreation alone, or visits.

    Mental illness, self-mutilation and severe depression is the result.



    HISTORY Between 1819 & 1923 executions

    were by hanging in the town square. The electric chair was introduced when five

    African Americans were executed on Feb. 8, 1924. From then until 1964, 361 people

    were electrocuted in Huntsville. Lethal injection

    adopted in 1977. 1st victim--Charlie

    Brooks, killed on Dec. 7, 1982. Texas is now nearing 500 executions done by

    lethal injection. Five hundred legal lynchings! Take off work or school and

    join the protest!



    with us in Huntsville on execution day. Leave at 3PM from S.H.A.P.E.

    Center, 3815 Live Oak.





    Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement


    713-503-2633 [email protected]

    Meetings: 1st Tuesdays, 7—9 PM

    S.H.A.P.E. Community Center, 3815 Live Oak at Alabama, Houston 77004



Listen to Petra de Jong and Gloria Rubac interview on KPFT News about the inhuman living conditions on Texas DR that motivated Jamie McCoskey to give up his last appeals in order to be executed.

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