• Documentary Daddy’s Glass House by S. Thornhill and D. Jones.

    We are pleased to introduce the documentary Daddy’s Glass House, by Samantha Thornhill and Derek Jones.

    The starting point is the story of former death row inmate Kenneth Foster Jr., and the current ardent efforts worldwide to free him from a Texas prison.

    To further contextualize Kenneth’s plight, the documentary will be widening the lens to inform the public on the problematic, largely ignored, Texas Law of Parties. (The Texas LoP can sentence to death men or women who actually killed no one and –in many cases- were more than lightly or not at all involved in crime.)

    To intimately capture Kenneth’s personal narrative would expose audiences to a tapestry of concerns, another being the death penalty’s hidden victims–children.

    Though to focus on the Law of Parties (LoP) inevitably draws viewers into the larger discussion of capital punishment, the film’s legal attention will be on the LoP as an aspect of the death penalty that is worthy of national concern. More specifically, it needs to be addressed in the state legislature. To focus on this law makes this film one of high social importance, as most people outside (and inside) of Texas are not aware that such a law is constantly being carried out. There are an estimated 100 men and women in Texas prisons sentenced under the Law of Parties, who are factually innocent of murder.

    Alongside the case of Kenneth Foster, DGH will also highlight two other LOP cases. Also fathers on death row for crimes they should have anticipated, Rudy Medrano and Jeff Wood are currently at Polunsky Unit fighting for their lives.

    By exposing precise cases and dysfunctions of the Texas judicial system, this film will also offer a new and potent tool for communicating around LOP and more widely the Death penalty.

    This project was initiated by the New-York poet, teacher, world traveler and children’s author: Samantha Thornhill. The film title is in fact inspired by a poem of hers that moved Kenneth to write her a letter, sparking a pen friendship between two unlikely poets.

    With eight years and hundreds of letters between them, Thornhill and Foster together are building a campaign to free him and prevent others like him from ever seeing the inside of a prison cell.

    The 1st steps: During the summer 2012, the Daddy’s Glass House film team travelled the world to meet Kenneth Foster’s supporters and to shoot the 1st sequences of this challenging project (from NY to Texas … from England to Netherlands, passing by Italy and France).

    We are now pleased to inform you that the 1st teaser from the documentary “Daddy's Glass House" is now available at : http://vimeo.com/57348862

    You can learn more at: www.fosterkenneth.org

    For any question or comments: [email protected]

    Presently, the continuation of this film rests on public support. Each donation goes directly into the next film shoot. If this is a project that you would like to see bloom, then here is your chance to support. And guess what? It is possible to give tax-deductible contributions to this project.

    Any donation will be tax deductible:

    This endeavor is fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas, a national organization that supports artists nationwide in every discipline. With fiscal sponsorship, DGH producers can accept tax-deductible contributions just like a 501(c)(3). Artfully invest in freedom by making your tax free contribution today!

    If you want to contribute:


    Thanks for your support and for widely spreading the word!!

    Emilie Artaud


    Website: www.freekenneth.com - Email: [email protected] -

    Myspace:www.myspace.com/kf999232 - Facebook: “Save Kenneth Foster group”



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