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    Dr John N. Kapoor,

    Chairman of the Board, Akorn inc.

    "Drug Discovery & Development Strategies & Technologies Driving Drug Discovery to Market” reported on January 5, 2012, that Danish Lundbeck Inc, the only U.S.-licensed maker of a drug used by several states in the USA to execute inmates, sold the drug Pentobarbital, also known by its trademark name, Nembutal, to your company Akorn inc., a niche generic pharmaceutical company.

    PoliceOne.Com reported on Dec. 22, 2011 that Denmark-based Lundbeck Inc., says a distribution system meant to keep the drug out of the hands of prisons will remain in place as Lake Forest, Illinois -based Akorn Inc. acquires the drug.

    I feel free to enclose a report of Reprieve, London, about the shameful business policy of Lundbeck Inc concerning the death drug pentobarbital that is and was used in the execution of human beings in the USA. Although the killing lab of Lundbeck Inc. continued to claim its opposition to the use of pentobarbital in human executions in the US, and while it unnecessarily took Lundbeck more than 6 months to act according to its “strong opposition”, numerous states were able to purchase and stockpile supplies before the new distribution system was implemented. The new stock has a lifespan that will most likely enable executions to continue at the same pace in 2012.

    How did a European pharmaceutical laboratory break the worst possible record in just 12 months in clear violation of European human rights standards?Evidently by sitting on a deadly question for months on end, hoping the problem would simply go away. Guess what? It didn’t disappear, in fact 36 people were murdered in the United-States because of its criminal negligence ( 6 more waiting for an execution just for January 2012).

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    I would like to mention that other drug suppliers have refused to sell a death drug to the US prisons and emphasize that Europe has forbidden the sale of death drug for executions as unmoral and unethical.

    Lundbeck Inc told the public that the distribution system meant to keep the drug out of the hands of prisons will remain in place by Akorn Inc.

    I am urging Akorn Inc. not to sell the drug Pentobarbital to any prisons and to make sure by your Code of Ethics that human beings will not be executed by the use of Pentobarbital.

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    *Letter created by Louis with help of Heinz and Laurence



Listen to Petra de Jong and Gloria Rubac interview on KPFT News about the inhuman living conditions on Texas DR that motivated Jamie McCoskey to give up his last appeals in order to be executed.

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