You all ‘bout the stupidest fools
that I’ve ever seen!!!
Now you have to “suit it up!”
Spewing gas through our cage-screens.
Can’t break what you can’t see.
Tried to experiment with a different gas,
and my Luga* didn’t choke nor plead.
But your 5-pig team, with their gas mask on
couldn’t stop puking up spit.
And when my Luga came out
he still had the breath
to protest the acts of these sadists.
And all for what?
The unwarranted taking of all his property?!!
When you’re really trying to suppress
his voice by preventing his corresponding
with the masses;
giving verbal lashes to yalls asses,
and the classes,
educating The People of what’s really happenin’- -
The Death Penalty Fashion.
Worn like a fur-coat by materialistic fascist
‘cause it’s cash man.
The Government is being payed
to vitually cut our throats
by The People’s cash and
those taxes won’t be coming back
in Social Security - -
it’s Social Security.
The People are secured
in an unsecured state
mentally, economically, and politically….
the harmony
In the flow of the Amerikan Machine
“We don’t give them what they’re worth,
We’ll give them what they’ll accept”
is the Amerikan creed;
the only way they’ll pocket the green.
Can’t you see
this vicious cycle?
The Amerikan system
needs an oppressed class
to fed the oppressors capital.
Hell, we’re the capital…
who built a symbol for Amerikan capital:
The amerikan Capital.
Where the capital lies
to capitalize
for the status quo.

* Luga is Swahili for “brother.” This piece was composed when my Luga, Haramia, was gassed for refusing to “collude” to his own murder.

-- Omari Huduma.

World Day

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