“It is better to die on your feet
than to live on your knees.”
--Emiliano Zapata

A brother asked me whether a state
sanctioned “Murder sentence” is
better than reactionary suicide???
And I answered by saying that it is,
For some of us,
Because regardless of guilt or
innocence, some of us
are challenging these murder
sentences, refusing to lay
down to it and sleep with it,
having courage enough to fight
for FREEDOM day and night
to reunite
ourselves with everyone and
everything we know
and LOVE!

Yes, I believe it’s better for
some of us, for those of us refusing to forfeit
being the men
we were born to be, the men our
families so desperately
need us to be—protectors,
providers and riders
in the sense of being active
men to our community, fathers
to our children,
husbands to their mothers and
not just knocked off baby fathers.

And though we all won’t make it,
some of us still
find it a must, fighting to
change the gruesome
face of our present reality to the death versus
complacently waiting to die a number!
There are no appeals, pardons,
prayers or fighting back
from being dead, for death is the
promise never broken.

So long as there remains a
breath left to breathe
inside the soul of a DRIVE RESISTER,
you can bet
your live that there’s a fight being
fought to live,
to be free, and to not just sub-sist.
Anything less would make
us nothing but breathing dead men
feeding on a steady diet of oppression and
a life left for
voluntary neo-slaves in a new-wave
era that bends over accepting to be
penol-ogically sodomized
and laying down to accept their
judicial biocide.
“Better to die on you feet
than to live on your knees.”

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