Energy unleashed
touching those in its path
energizing a generation
to mobilize and organize
themselves against
taking the streets
while plumbers, deceivers
committed crimes against humanity
to maintain control
over other peoples' resources
silence out-spoken voices with assassin's bullets
the assassins
the fbi, red squads, paid informer
any kind of informer
to take the stand against those
who took a stand
in the land of the free
free coupons with every purchase
of the american dream
a nightmare scream
for those caught up in ghetto webs
while society moves toward the next century
the fascist pigs are
at it again
offering electric couches
for mass execution
the thought that someone
said that is shocking
will it shock us and jump-start
that dormant energy into action
or will we stand by
for the next announcement
see the next execution on cable
for as little as $1 a month
energy to short out the circuit
or we can just pull the plug!

World Day

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