He opened his mouth

And light blinded my eyes—

Too much for me to BE,


In an instance.

Instant revelation.

His light

Enveloped me like

A luminous cotton-ball of fog;

Soft and warm.

Then images bemoaned

Of a struggle to become a man,

While being chased from himself,


Condemned for running;


From some thing he didn’t understand,

Into some thing he didn’t understand.

One darkness for another

Image of his mother,

Attempting to birth this running child.

But somehow

He managed to get turned around

And had his little toes


The exit of his mother’s womb—

He didn’t want to bungee-jump to his earthly doom…

And nearly died in the womb

Of struggle.

Looking back

He forgot to look forward,

And he stumbled into the snare

Drooling with his father’s blood,

Transfusing him with the

demonic ejaculation of their

penal institutionalization

But he broke free…

And when it was televised,

The people didn’t see

What he was breaking free from.

The SYSTEM didn’t want them to see…

He was fighting against his emasculation

He was “rebellious”

Not manifesting his spiritual liberation.

DRIVEn by the forces of Revolution,

He’s the “negation of negation”

The SYSTEM’s machinations

Will birth its annihilation.


And we will help them see , my brother, with our mouths. For our truth is more powerful than their lies. And when they open their eyes, though their understanding will have changed, our labels shall remain. For we are all indeed a




*”Haramia” is not only Swahili for “outlaw” but it is the name of our comrade and brother who the blood-thirsty state of the “Killing Machine” tried to systematically murder for driving a car not knowing his friend would kill someone.


“Revolution will not be tolerated, it is against the law in the totalitarian corporate state. The revolutionary must certainly reconcile himself with one day becoming an outlaw.”

  --Comrade, George L. Jackson


World Day

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