(Tommie "Casper" Hughes)
I'm just sayin'
what dat wuzz
is reality enclosed within
substantial concrete
that's real--
death is inevitable to
all of us
I'm not ready
to die--
I'm just sayin' though,
if I'm dead, if I die
how can you live? How
can you live
without me
when I am you
...I'm just sayin' though.

(Reginald "Omari" Blanton)
There is NO LIFE nor DEATH "without";
both dwell simultaneously
on the lips of ETERNITY.
Infinite Beings being
Without being without
thinking there's another.
Oceans are Raindrops' brothers,
hand and hand,
pulling each to ONE.
...I'm just sayin' though.

What you got on yo' mind ?
come up
let's remind
what's society's masses
was designed to be,
inclined to see,
resigned to being
is indoctrinated
not educated
unaware of the hatred
fated upon us,
you, me,
so we,
could congregate
I'm just sayin' though

Painful ignorance--knowing not the pain
that created our hatred
for the hatred foretold;
our reaping what They sowed,
fast-forwarding growth
through the howling flames of persecution,
we emerged unscathed--
while the Heaven sing
from the mouth of this Phoenix
soaring beyond the Alpha.
...I'm just sayin' though.

(Here's a collaboration I did
with Tommie "Casper" Hughes
before the State killed him.
This is dedicated to him and
his family. Casper, you will
never be forgotten! You will
live through our pain, our struggle.
I'm just sayin' though.

World Day

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