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"And I want everyone to know I did not walk to this because this is straight up murder.  I just want everybody to know I didn't walk to this.  The reason is because it's murder.  I am not going to play a part in my own murder.  No one should have to do that." 


Extract from LaMont Reese's Last Statement on June 20, 2006

Shannon Thomas

Born  27-07-1971

Murdered 16-11-2005

Marion Dudley

Born 13-05-1972

Murdered 25-01-2006

Tommie Hughes

Born 15-08-1974

Murdered 15-03-2006

Kevin Kincy

Born 31-01-1968

Murdered 29-03-2006

Mauriceo Brown

Born 03-07-1975

Murdered 19-07-2006

Lamont Reese

Born 16-10-1977

Murdered 20-06-2006

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