Comrades Gonzales and Will engaged in sit-ins on the other side of this pod.


Comrade Woods handcuffed himself to his cage-door screen. Major Nelson finally made her appearance for the first time in a while, an appearance we didn’t need. As she walked on the section, she growled to Cpt. Dickens, “ I don’t want to talk to nobody,” before adding “I just wanted to come down to see what this stupid motherfucker looks like!” She then asked comrade Woods “Why didn’t you cuff yourself to the other side of the door so we could roll it open and beat your ass.” Comrade Woods, in his witty style said that was the whole reason why he didn’t do it. Major Nelson then called Woods a “coward”.  After they took the plexi-glass off his cage door, and cut the cuffs from the screen, Woods relinquished them.


When they opened the bean slot at dinner I stuck my arm in, I put on my jacket and face gear (yes, with an arm in the slot) and didn’t relinquish the bean slot until after I was blasted at point blank range with LD-10 riot gas.


Though we don’t have confirmation of his death, we protested today because Jonathan Moore unnecessarily had his life snuffed away from him, his beloved family, and humanity. Our resistance today wasn’t a spite to the family of the victim, it was for the family and victim; both families and victims. We want what they want: justice, answers, a change. And if our resistance could bring back these lost loved ones, we would be getting gassed and assaulted everyday. We are fighting for a better way of Life, not just the lives of Death Row prisoners. We’re fighting for LIFE, Humanity. Let DRIVE’s actions speak where words won’t suffice. Our sincerest condolences to both families and victims that lost today. Our protest is dedicated to them.




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