"My name is John Joe Amador. I am currently in Polunsky Unit (Death Row) in Livingston, TX. On August 22nd, 2007 I will/am initiating and committed to a passive non-participation protest against Texas executions.


I will not participate nor dignify this barbaric act against humanity, nor will I participate in trying to humanize genocide.


I have been wrongly accused and have been made a scapegoat for a crime I had no involvement nor knowledge of.


I call upon true justice, an investigation toward Bexar County corruption within the homicide division/prosecution department. I call upon an investigation towards the miscarriage of justice.


1. I call for an investigation of Sgt. Salmarin of the Homicide division in Bexar, in search for patterns in cases where many complain of Sgt. Sal Marin fabricating statements/intimidatory confessions (as in this case.)


2. I call for an investigation on prosecutors Mike Colhen and Letti Perez of Bexar County for withholding statements of witness (which could be held for perjury) to get convictions. It's a miscarriage of justice when prosecutors reward witnesses for their testimony when prosecutors knew a witness was lying under oath (Esther Menchaca's 1st Statement/Testimony.)


3. I call for an investigation on surviving witness Esther Garza who had seen me in photo arrays/one-on-one line up, never identifying me as the assailant. Only until hearing from a 3rd party. That my ex's girlfriend bragged about me committing this crime was she convince I was the one who killed a taxi cab driver.


4. I call an investigation on my ex's girlfriend Yvonne Martinez, who was a suspect with me in this crime. She made over 2-3 statements denying any involvement or knowledge. A year later on jury selection she was pressured into making a statement where she said I told her of my involvement which prosecutors said, "She only could of got this from a killer's mouth." I also call an investigation into Yvonne's baby's father, who was a suspect and confess to my attorney that he heard Yvonne Martinez's bragging that "she was gonna get back at me. I'm also calling for an investigation into her brother Thomas Martinez who work closely and was friends with homicide detectives on this case. Thomas Martinez is also an officer.


5. I call an investigation on Esther Menchaca who testified saying I was the killer she saw and when a statement was clearly withheld purposely because in this statement she says "she didn't see any faces" so she can't identify anyone.


This case, like many others, shows a miscarriage of justice, as it shows a miscarriage of Mr. Foster's case.


Anyone with a soul, anyone who has the authority to make a difference, I ask God to touch all your souls and step up and stop the injustice, demand an investigation.


On the 22nd I will engage in a passive non-participation protest against Texas trying to humanize genocide.


“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”.


John Joe Amador"

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