As the waves of life pulsate back and forth
The intuit feelings we try to assort
While the compulsive pain we try to abort
As the pressures bear down and tend to extort
painful days and nights of rage
As each minute passes in a steel cage
Seeking the shining strength through disunity
As though we’re the Lost Souls committee
No, we’re far from that
A mutual bond no matter where we’re at
Love is strength and power
Refusing to let the system devour
Family love falling like a summer shower
Makes the soul rise like a tower
Teach and learn and communicate
With your birthright Soulmates
Love giving and receiving
Wisdom planted and retrieving
Smiles so bright they see them in Beijing
Intent on learning with eager listening
Never underestimate the power of juvenescence
Remember we once experienced the effectiveness of adolescence
All of Our Children are truly a blessing
We must continue to guide them in the correct upbringing
Sentimental value has the equivalent of the strength of millions
My gratitude and my heart goes out to My Children and all Our Children…

World Day

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