The following documentation is very important for the public to see. It is a list that I have begun making of all the ailments and neglect I see. It’s important to realize that this documentation is just coming from one area. There’s 6 pods on the death now building. Every pod has 4 sections with 14 cells each (7 downstairs, 7 up stairs). It’s my hopes to get others to start to document what’s going on in their areas as well so that you all may get a wide view of the problems here.


In truth- we’ve allowed you all to think that all is fine on our building. It is not. Some of us do this to not to worry you. Some don’t say anything just because now this neglect is common. On another section on this site, in the DRIVE Handbook, there is a list of TDC Administration that can be complained to in regards to these issues. We’d like to start mobilizing you all to do this. We must begin to petition/complain against issue by issue until change comes.


In the following documentation I cite problems going on. If it says – no socks- that means we received no clean socks that day. Laundry for us is as follows:


- socks and boxers everyday

- Sundays: 5 soap chips, razor, Ajax powder

- Mondays, Wednesday, Friday: jump suits and shower towels

- Monday: 1 roll of toilet paper

- Tuesday: 1 small cell towel

- Thursday: 2 sheets, 1 pillowcase


You cannot imagine how our clothes sometimes look. The boxers are small and have NO elastic. They have strings on the side that we have to tie them up with. Our laundry is washed in masses and very little bleach and detergent is used so the clothes are often stained and dingy. Some inmates are responsible for dirtying or ripping clothes. I will not lie there. But TDC is a multi-million dollar corporation – they can afford to replace it and wash these laundry items properly. They could care less. We as inmates have to make a stance on that. If I cite no jump suits that means there was no jumpsuits that day and we had to keep our used one.


I will try to designate issues by pods and dates. I’m on E pod, F section, so if you see  “EF”  - that’s my area. Pods are A-F, a-f sections, so pay attention to the areas. As I said – I will try to expand this to other pods as I go. My goal is to show you all what conditions we live under, thus why we are taking this stance. By the way – I have begun to deliver copies of this list into the hands of the administration here. So, what you read, they read. Lets start to address these problems together.


• EF, 11/13/05, 2nd shift: no socks; inadequate size boxers (only 1-2x); at breakfast time no milk or coffee; no dayrooms cleaned

• EF, 11/14/05, 1st shift: requested to see Sgt. (he never came); outside recreation yard urinal stopped up; 2nd shift: no socks

• EF, 11/15/05, 2nd shift: no cell towels

• EF, 11/16/05, 2nd shift: no jump suits; no dayrooms cleaned

• EF, 11/17/05, 2nd shift: inadequate size boxers (only medium and 1-2x)

• EF, 11/18/05, 2nd shift: only 4 jumpsuits left (13 men on this section)

• EF, 11/19/05, 2nd shift: no dayrooms cleaned

• EF, 11/20/05, 2nd shift: no dayrooms cleaned

• EF, 11/21/05, 2nd shift: no dayrooms cleaned

• EF, 11/22/05, 2nd shift: no dayrooms cleaned

• EF, 11/23/05, 2nd shift: no dayrooms cleaned


(note: our showers and inside/outside recreation areas are supposed to be cleaned EVERY night by the general population porters. You see- when we came to this Unit we were supposed to do these jobs like we did at Ellis 1, but as punishment due to the 1998 escape they’ve ceased our work program. These porters do not live on our building- they just work back here. So, they do half jobs. They don’t care [which is sad because you’d think they’d have concern about their fellow prisoners. I mean, we’re all in the same boat here. Some care, some don’t], so our areas are not cleaned. We may go days – as seen above- without these areas being cleaned, so dirt and germs build. This is how they do us back here, but they won’t let us who live back here clean it ourselves. Their spite keeps these unnecessary problems going. They want to oppress us so bad that they just continue the problems. They are so obsessed with ruling over us that they don’t solve the problems. This is what MOST prisons in America are like. They don’t have to be!)


• EF, 11/24/05, 2nd shift: no dayrooms cleaned

• EF, 11/25/05, 2nd shift: no dayrooms cleaned, no socks

• EF, 11/26/05, 2nd shift: no dayrooms cleaned, no adequate jumpsuits (no3x, 1 4x)


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